Pure Desert Oud 100ml by Fragrance World

Pure Desert Oud 100ml by Fragrance World

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Pure desert oud - the mystical conquest of the desert. The aroma, inspired by the hidden treasures and essences of the Middle East, seeks to infuse every part of the body with new sensations that quickly permeate the entire body and deplete powerful and unconditional force, like traps in which fast and powerful persecution merges, so this scent will accompany you all day long. will not run until the last minute. The scent opens up with fresh and seductive notes of incense. Later, rich and intense chords of agarwood and amber penetrate, and the composition is crowned with soft, soothing notes of musk. Pure desert oud is a warm, smoky and enveloping aroma, as if the warmth of dark forests envelops you with a light touch. 


Brand : Fragrance World