Barakkat Aqua Aveum 100ml by Fragrance World

Barakkat Aqua Aveum 100ml by Fragrance World

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Aqua Aveum a fresh scent with spicy top notes followed by waves of tonka bean and vanilla caresses, in which the Calabrese lemon dances and the Sicilian mandarin plays. A perfume of contrasts like a shimmering light on a golden skin, the dazzling sun that shines through it is known as hedione. It is carried by guaiacwood, which casts a spell and guarantees to stay in your memory. Carnal by nature and delicate in essence, it produces something of a tiny miracle: caressing the senses and relaxing the body, making it as easy as breathing for the skin to smell good.

Notes: Citrus, Vanille, Tonka bean & woody 

Type: EDP

Brand : Fragrance World

Inspired : by Maison Francis Aqua Vitae

Quantity : 100ml