Hayaati Gold Elixir 100ml EDP Lattafa
Hayaati Gold Elixir 100ml EDP Lattafa

Hayaati Gold Elixir 100ml EDP Lattafa

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Step into an abundant world where luxury meets simplicity and the whisper of nature merges with the extravagance of gold. Hayaati Gold Elixir is an essence that captures the majesty of life's most precious moments.

The symphony begins with a sparkling top note of sun-drenched grapefruit, enlivened by the citrus of bergamot and the dark, velvety grace of cassis. This initial brightness is reminiscent of a golden sunrise that colours the horizon with radiant hues.

As the fragrance unfolds, it travels into a lush heart. The delicious sweetness of ripe peach blends effortlessly with the exotic warmth of saffron to create an enticing contrast. A hint of leather adds a touch of mysticism, reminiscent of timeless stories and deep secrets in ancient tombs.

At the end of the journey, the deep and earthy tones of vetiver ground the elixir, while the creamy embrace of vanilla envelops you in a cocoon of comfort. The musk-amber accord resonates in the background, leaving an impression as sensual as it is haunting, evoking memories of eternally golden moments.

With every drop of Hayaati Gold Elixir, you experience a love story between nature and luxury, a dance between sun and shadow and a tale of life's golden moments.
Although Hayati Gold Elixir exudes the mystery and allure of night, its bouquet of fragrances shines just as brilliantly in daylight, inviting you to revel in its captivating essence from sunrise to sunset, making every moment undeniably enchanting.
Main accords: leather, vanilla, powdery, fruity, animalic, amber, citrus, sweet
100ml EDP
Unisex Scent