Mousuf Gift Collection

Mousuf Gift Collection

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Ard Al Zaafaran Mousuf Eau De Parfume is a warm, floral oriental fragrance for men.

  • Perfume Mist 250ml
  • Eau De Parfum 100ml
  • Air Freshener 300ml

Fragrance notes

Top notes: Grape chocolaty scent

Middle notes: Musky oud

Base notes: Distinctive floral and caramel aroma

 ARD AL ZAAFARAN MOUSUF gift set 3 in 1 Eau de Parfume 100ml , body spray and deodorant

Mousuf Eau de Parfum Ard Al Zaafaran, launched in 2020, is classified as a unisex fragrance and belongs to the Oriental family. Composition Chocolate and grapes form the opening chord of the composition, in the middle ─ Musk and Oud; the base is floral notes and caramel.